Turning a New Leaf

Turning a New LeafIt’s a season of change, of transformation. As I watch leaves change color almost before my eyes, and the sun shift from burning bright and high in the sky, to a bit lower and dimmer, I feel a sense of renewal and hope. Autumn has been one of my favorite seasons ever since we left Texas and moved to Colorado Labor Day weekend 18 years ago. Although Dallas had some gorgeous mild, nice days during fall months, it was not comparable to the crisp, clean and cool air, along with the radiant colors of a Colorado fall.  Maybe it’s the richness of the warm oranges, reds and golds, or the comfort of the smells of cinnamon, pumpkin and spice, that wraps me up in a reassuring hug. I always gain a sense of motivation, energy and zest– to try something new– to transform myself in a sense, at this turning season.

This fall, what will be your “new leaf”?  Our cells in our body regenerate constantly, getting a “fresh start”. Are you resistant to change even though you know there is an area of your life begging for renewal or growth? How can you transform, this changing season, in preparation for shorter and colder days? Maybe it’s time for your body to “burst” with new colors, storing energy for the coming holiday hustle-bustle.

Consider the following simple (some more challenging than others) ways to experience transformation and rejuvenation in your life. I would love to hear how your journey of change comes along… Meanwhile, enjoy that crunch of leaves beneath your feet, that crisp brilliant sky, and embrace a new path to a healthier and renewed you!

5 Ways to Embrace Change, Transformation and Renewal:Living Well Nutrition Fall Tips

* Consider a cleanse
 Your liver and digestive tract work very hard each day to break down nutrients for use in your body. If you haven’t given your body a break, and feel weighted down, fatigued, foggy…chances are you need a clean-up! Ask us about our 10 and 20 day rejuvenation programs that healthfully detox the liver and support healthy metabolism.

Cleansing from poor eating habits is key; but you can also “cleanse” or “detox” from negative energy, people, the newscast, loud music, bad habits, graphic or violent TV, TV altogether, etc.

* Walk a new path
Is your exercise routine stale and boring? Maybe it’s time to try a new path of activity. If you’re an avid runner, take a day off for yoga. If you do yoga 4 days a week but no cardio, get a walking group together and pick a time each week for an hour long hike. Try something new and fresh to move your body in a different way. Maybe it’s time to try that intro Pure Barre class you’ve been putting off? 

* De-Clutter Your Environment
Tidying up and reorganizing your living or work space can not only be detoxifying and productive–it can be empowering! Choose a morning to simply clean out some kitchen cupboards, or a closet full of old clothes. Maybe it’s time for a thorough garage sweep? Just cleaning out your inbox on your desk (or in your email!) can be very therapeutic. After you’ve de-cluttered, donate your used items to a good cause or friend.

 * Choose something new
When we’ve been in a rut of the same rat-race: carpools, paying bills, watching the same TV shows, hanging around the same people all the time, we can become “stuck” without realizing it. Challenge yourself to dive into an interest you’ve put on the back burner–it doesn’t have to be a huge expensive hobby, but just picking up an online class, or one day at painting, or reading a new book, can really rejuvenate your brain and health.

 * Commit to a new beginning
How we spend the first few minutes of each day can set the mood and energy for the rest of the hours. Consider a new prayer, meditation, or mantra before your feet hit the ground. 60 seconds in gratitude, counting your blessings, and then another 60 seconds setting an intention for the day could be a wonderful way to be more centered, focused, and less stressed before you’re up and out the door. Also trying to avoid technology (news programs, emails, texting, social media) first thing in the morning can be extremely transforming. Instead, get ready in silence, or with music you enjoy; and of course, a nutrient-dense breakfast! The more “rushed” and “loud” we are first thing sets a tone for a chaotic day.