Ditch the daily pill or weekly shot. Get long term natural results for unwanted allergy symptoms. For only $49, get a professional nutrition and allergy symptom evaluation along with your first treatment (a total value of over $130). 

Most of us recognize that our bodies work and function by our brain, the powerhouse of the body.  But, did you know the gut is the “2nd brain”?  Whatever is going on in the gut–the balance of the ecology or lack thereof–feeds all the other systems of the body, and directly relates to our bodies ability to cope with allergens.  80% of our immune system comes from the gut.  That means optimizing digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, and elimination are integral to addressing allergy elimination.   Both the inflammatory and histamine response to allergens can be decreased by strengthening the gut.

The liver also has a role in the management of allergies.  What’s interesting is that so many of us are reliant on things like Claritin D or Allegra to manage our symptoms, but they put stress on the liver and never resolve the underlying problem.  At Living Well, we offer many natural solutions to strengthen the gut and liver, and address the root cause of your allergies, without the use of drugs, medication or surgery.

The BAX AURA PTL II is a low light laser that has been created and designed to work as a non invasive allergy elimination treatment.  The principle design of this laser is based on acupuncture, acupressure and NAET.  Because there is no pain, these treatments are great for both adults and kids.  The BAX AURA PTL II can offer support for conditions including:  environmental and chemical allergies, food allergies, sleep disturbance, acne, eczema, weight loss and more.  For more details check out http://livingwell-nutrition.com/natural-allergy-remedies/.