5 Tips to Become Healthier


Being healthier does not necessarily mean that you have to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Sometimes, making a few simple changes in your diet, stress management and exercise will do the trick. To help you turn this knowledge into results, we have compiled a few quick and easy tweaks that will surely make a huge difference in the way you feel.

Sleep more

It is a known fact that getting enough sleep contributes greatly to both our health and beauty. Several researches have confirmed that people who do not sleep enough are more likely to get sick since their immunity is weak.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you might want to try relaxation techniques like meditation. This is beneficial as it relaxes your mind and body. Also, bedtime snacks like chamomile tea, warm milks and oatmeal are shown to help shift the mind and body into sleep mode.

Eat your vegetables

Consuming about 5 servings of vegetables a day is recommended. By sticking to a high vegetable diet, you’ll be less likely to develop cancers of the pancreas, bladder, stomach, esophagus, cervix, colon and lungs. Additionally, the most powerful phytonutrients are usually found in vegetables with the boldest colors. Grapes, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli are just some of the best examples.

Get a massage

Massage comes with an endless list of benefits. Aside from acting as a great form of relaxation and stress relief, it is also associated with a few health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and triggers the release of endorphins, the hormones that are responsible for bright emotions and good mood.


We often find ourselves in a stressful situation, and this has a negative impact to our health.

Laughter is considered to be extremely beneficial to all of us. It has been proven to support our vascular health and expand blood vessels. So, if you have an opportunity to laugh, enjoy the moment and laugh as much as you want.

Regular exercise

You may not know it, but exercise has shown to reduce all the biomarkers of aging including lowering cholesterol, improving lean muscle, normalizing blood pressure, improving bone density and improving eyesight.

Studies have shown that even a 10-minute exercise makes a huge difference. So, if you wish to live longer and live well, you have to exercise daily.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Every NightHow well we sleep is connected to almost everything – our mood, energy level, emotional balance, mental alertness, the list is endless. If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, there are techniques you can try to improve your slumber. Try out a few of the different strategies below and see what works best for you. Note: before employing these strategies, it is a good idea to have a general idea of how many hours of sleep you need every night.

Strategy: Be consistent

Be consistent with your sleeping hours. Set a regular bedtime. Choose a time that you begin to feel tired, so that you do not find yourself tossing and turning in bed.  Try to wake up at the same time everyday. The continuity sets your body on a schedule. Think of it as training your body to fall asleep and wake up at the times that work for you.

Strategy: Increase Your Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Your body naturally produces the levels of melatonin you need during the day when it is time to be alert. During the night, your brain registers that it is dark and should secrete the levels of melatonin you need to feel sleepy. Sometimes, light from appliances and electronics disrupts those natural melatonin levels. When you are attempting to fall asleep, turn off your television and computer. The bright lights and activity on the screens tend to stimulate your mind, not relax it. Replace your nightly TV or computer routine with relaxation exercises (like stretching), or listening to calming music. This is likely to produce the correct levels of melatonin you need to fall asleep.

Strategy: Create Peace Before Bed

Create a calming and relaxing environment for yourself before you sleep. If you are at peace right before bed, you will find it much easier to fall asleep. Make sure your room is set to a desirable temperature. People often find themselves too hot or too cold in the middle of the night and it disrupts their sleeping schedule.  Ensure that your bed is comfortable. Take a hot shower or bath, and make sure you are feeling relaxed.

Remember to try every method and do not get discouraged. You can find the combination of strategies that works for you!