• Inability to lose weight and maintain it
  • Belly fat, or fat localized in one area that you can’t get rid of …  (no matter how hard you try!)
  • Digestive changes (constipation, gas, bloating, etc)
  • Cravings or energy crashes
  • Poor sleep
  • Hormone changes
  • Anxiety and depression

 We are offering this seminar on 2 dates:
Tues 1/7 at 6PM and Sat 1/11 at 10AM.

This robust 1 hour, complementary seminar will examine the deeper levels of weight loss that are key to getting the body in a fat burning mode, instead of a fat storing mode.  We will examine: Register Here

— Why mainstream diets dont work for long term weight loss/ maintenance

— The importance of sleep and digestion

— The liver as a key component to successful weight loss

— What’s the right exercise for my body

— Hormone balance (for men too!)

Pre-registration is required by calling 303-466-3232 or Register Here

Bring your friend, and receive a coupon for a 1 hour Detoxifying, Inch Loss Body Wrap ($95 value.  Must mention the Facebook post.  Pre registration is required for both the guest and their friend)