Keep Your Salad Healthy

Keep Your Salad HealthyIs your salad as healthy as you think it is?  Salads are great. They are light, fresh, and available everywhere. Add chicken, fish, or shrimp and your salad becomes a complete and filling entrée. And you can throw in everything from fruits to vegetables to nuts; you can hit every food group. But don’t be fooled. Your salad may not always be the best thing for you and that is largely because of the dressing. Store bought salad dressings can be incredibly deceiving. If you are going to stick with store bought salad dressing, make a point to read through the ingredients. Is real olive oil being used? Do your research so you know what you are putting in your body.  Restaurant salads can also be incredibly deceiving – and it all comes back to the dressing. Stay away from creamy dressings at restaurants. Instead, ask for olive oil and vinegar. You can even squeeze a few lemon slices over your salad to spice it up. Or go with vinaigrette, as most are on the lighter side when it comes to dressings. Restaurants tend to soak your salad in dressing. This is often not necessary – ask for light dressing, or order on the side and dress the salad yourself. This way you are controlling your portions, and if you need to add a little more to up the salad’s taste, you can do so by your own wishes.


Now the best option would be to consider making your own salad dressings. Not only will it be cheaper, and fresher, but you will also know exactly what you are putting into your body. You can make dressings at home and store them as you would store bought dressings.  Asian or honey mustard dressings are relatively easy to put together, so look up a few recipes online. You can also research healthy alternatives to your favorite restaurant dressings. The goal should be to keep your salad healthy, and know what you are putting into your body!