A lot of people believe that living up to 100 years is nearly impossible. However, with the advancements
in medicine, reaching your 100th birthday may not be as impossible as we once thought.

In order to make sure that your journey to 100 is something that you can enjoy, we have put together a
few healthy habits that you can add to your daily routine. Read on and continue your path to a healthier

Add red foods to your plate
This will not only make your plate aesthetically pleasing, it will also keep you healthy. Red foods like
beet juice contains nitrates that can relax the blood vessels; while cruciferous vegetables like red
cabbage will protect you against cancer.

Floss everyday
You may not know it, but this is the simplest way of keeping your arteries healthy. Recent study revealed
that daily flossing can significantly reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria in our mouth. These
bacteria may eventually enter the bloodstream and result to inflammation of the arteries.
In order to get the biggest life expectancy benefits, you should floss twice a day.

Eat fiber-rich foods for breakfast
Eating whole grains in the morning is especially beneficial for older folks as this would help them
maintain a stable blood sugar level throughout the day. By sticking to this habit, you are less likely to
develop diabetes.

Drink a cup of black tea everyday  This common British practice may actually help you reach the age of 100. This may have helped Queen
Elizabeth to stay healthy despite her age. Recent study showed that drinking a cup of black tea everyday can boost a person’s survival rate after a
heart attack by 28%. So, take a break and drink up.

Always use the first stall
When on a public restroom, do you usually skip the first stall and go for the ones which are farthest from the entrance? You are not alone. Recent studies showed that most people tend to use the stalls further back to have more privacy. And since the first stall is rarely used, it contains the lowest bacteria level. Do yourself a favor and use this information to your advantage. Use the first stall in order to prevent possible infections.