Four Supplements Everyone Should Take

Have you ever stood in front of the vitamin aisle at the store and been totally confused? There are certain supplements that everyone should take. Follow these tips to determine which supplements are worth the money and the time.
Four Supplements Everyone Should Take


Omega-3 Fatty Acid.

Omega-3 fatty acids are best known for fighting wrinkles, lubricating your joins, boosting your brain power, protecting your heart and arteries. When selecting an Omega-3 fatty acid, look for one that has 600mg of DHA. DHA is the fatty acid that supports brain functions, such as how the brain stores and uses energy.  It is recommended that Omega-3 fatty acids be taken in the morning.



A multivitamin ensure that you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals recommended for each day. Of course, you should still do your best to get your nutrients from a diet full of fruits and vegetables and take the multivitamin as an added layer of protection. Multivitamins can also act as a preventative measure against breast cancer, heart disease, and colon cancer.



You need calcium to keep your bones full of nutrients. Calcium with magnesium is an excellent way to support your bones and keep your muscles healthy. Make sure to get your calcium from both a healthy diet and added supplements.


Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. This means it is quickly used up and eliminated by the body. It is a good idea to take vitamin C two or three times at different interval throughout the day.