Don’t Miss Out on the 10 Secrets to Fat Burning and Weight Loss

A FREE seminar, exclusively from Amy Richardson, Certified Nutrition Therapist at Living Well in Broomfield

“From FACT to FICTION: the TRUTH About Weight Loss”

free weight loss seminar

At our upcoming free one hour seminar, we will unlock the secrets to weight loss including:

* Top 10 reasons your body is likely in fat storing mode; and how to flip your switch to fat burning mode

* Why counting calories and fad diets have failed you

* A complimentary nutritious and delicious meal replacement


Amy Richardson, Certified Nutrition Therapist, founded Living Well in 2007 and has helped hundreds of women and men of all ages achieve weight loss goals, and regain their health and vitality. Megan Magee, Registered Dietitic Tech, has also been helping her clients overcome their health struggles for over a decade at Living Well and in her own practice. Amy and Megan bring a robust level of expertise in the fields of functional blood chemistry analysis, customized and individual weight loss/detox programs, allergy and stress relief, hormone optimization, food sensitivity solutions, and digestive disorder help. Amy and Megan will work with YOU on your own health journey–there is no “one size fits all” diet program.

Can’t make one of our upcoming dates? Call 303-466-3232 to see how Living Well can still help.

The seminar from Amy exceeded my expectations. Hard to believe one hour of an informative free class changed my life! I now have energy I had lost, and I’m down 12 pounds.” – SB