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How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day involves a lot of delicious and lovingly cooked food. It also offers a lot of temptation to gorge yourself until you feel sick. Balancing the desire to eat as much of the tasty fare as possible with being sensitive to your limits is a case of mindful eating. Here are some suggestions to […]

Nutritious and Delicious Green Bean Casserole

1 cup serving: 11 g protein 114 mg sodium 4 g fat 143 calories Traditional “Cream of Mushroom Soup/Fried Onion” Green Bean Casserole: 3/4 cup serving: 3 g protein 530 mg sodium 9 g fat 161 calories Aunt Frannie’s “Healthy Twist” on Green Bean Casserole, Amy Richardson, CNT: (Download pdf. here) 1/2 onion, sliced 4 cups […]


Take Back Your Health this Holiday Season at our FREE seminars!!!

How is your family’s well-being measuring up? Will 2014 be different? Healthier Families = Happier Families Healthy Holiday Eating: Battling the Bulge TUESDAY, November 19th, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Join Amy Richardson, CNT give you recipes and tips on how to fight those tempting treats this holiday season. Fight that Flu, Cold, What-Have-You: (An Immune-Boosting […]

Exploring The Invisible Universe That Lives On Us — And In Us

The next time you look in a mirror, think about this: In many ways you’re more microbe than human. There are 10 times more cells from microorganisms like bacteria and fungi in and on our bodies than there are human cells. Scientists increasingly think that these microorganisms have a huge influence on our health. Without […]


How to Cook With Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil, a by-product of the wine-making process, comes from extracting the oil from within the small, hard-shelled seed. A stable cooking oil, grapeseed oil does not smoke or splatter. This oil features a high smoke point, or temperature at which oil smokes and discolors, ranging from approximately 320 to 428 degrees, depending on the […]

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Here is a great and easy way to make sweet potato pancakes this is a healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack. Enjoy! See all of my videos at http://livingwell-nutrition.com/certified-nutrition/nutrition-videos/

15 Best Superfoods for Fall

The weather is getting cooler, but your produce choices are heating up. These amazing superfoods are either hitting their peak in the garden or can easily be found in your local farmers market or grocery store. They’re the perfect excuse to get cooking on cool nights! For more videos visit http://livingwell-nutrition.com/certified-nutrition/nutrition-videos/

How to use Zucchini

I am going to show you how to use and eat Zucchini in a way that is easy and fun! Check out these other videos for more great tips!

How To Make Soup From Almost Any Vegetable

Soup – it’s the easiest way to warm up your kitchen on a cold day, and to feed yourself and your family in one delicious and healthy bowl. Some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian soup recipes tend to follow a pattern that can be easily adapted for any vegetable. Here are a few tips we found […]