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The Truth Behind Cellulite

There are a few misconceptions about what cellulite is and how it is caused. So, what really causes cellulite? Cellulite occurs when skin cells deteriorate so much so that fat cells get pushed up and become visible at the skin surface. So ultimately, cellulite is a condition that is associated with skin deterioration and weak […]


4 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

There are foods that you can eat to help you boost your metabolism. Consuming the right foods, at the right portions, at the right times of day can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and build muscle. Blueberries. You have heard that antioxidants are good for you, but what exactly do they do? […]

Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Every Night

How well we sleep is connected to almost everything – our mood, energy level, emotional balance, mental alertness, the list is endless. If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, there are techniques you can try to improve your slumber. Try out a few of the different strategies below and see what works best […]

Are You Unknowingly Overeating?

Overeating is sometimes affected by emotional factors such as boredom or sadness. First off, it is important to make sure you are eating because you are hungry.  The second thing to address in regards to overeating is portion control. Overeating is easy to do when you are not sure exactly what an appropriate serving is. […]

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

If you are hooked on coffee, you may want to consider the benefits of green tea. Try replacing your coffee with green tea in the mornings. Most people add milk and sugar to their coffee. This adds extra fats you do not need. Green tea is full of taste all on its own! Drinking one […]

Simple Tips That Make Healthy Eating Easier

There are easy ways to cut back on unhealthy foods.  Here are a few easy tips to start loosing pounds without feeling deprived. Have a glass of water before eating lunch and dinner. Gulp down a glass of water before your meal and after. This helps you feel more dehydrated which decreases your hunger. Additionally, […]

Weight loss seminar on Wednesday at noon

Are you struggling with.. Inability to lose weight and maintain it Belly fat, or fat localized in one area that you can’t get rid of (no matter how hard you try!) Allergies (seasonal or food related) Fatigue Poor sleep Hormones …or just not feeling yourself? This is the time to get a jumpstart on weight […]

The Best Cleansing Vegetables

All vegetables are cleansing, but some have more cleansing qualities than others. Additionally, the way that you consume vegetables can have an affect on its cleansing power.  Incorporate these cleansing vegetables into your diet: Artichokes are full of fiber – this means that they can be digested very easily.  Artichokes are great to add to […]

How You Should Be Cooking Your Vegetables

First off, it is great that you are eating vegetables! There is a right way to cook vegetables to get the maximum health benefits. When you are in the kitchen, keep these simple rules in mind. Water and oil should be avoided as much as possible. Boiling vegetables in water will make your vegetables nice […]


The 5 Benefits of Eating Healthy

One of the biggest benefits of eating healthy are that we will stay physically fit, feel better, and have fewer illnesses. By eating healthier it can lower your risk of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes along with many others. I know that a new years resolution for  a lot of women is to lose […]