4 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

4 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

4 Foods That Boost Your MetabolismThere are foods that you can eat to help you boost your metabolism. Consuming the right foods, at the right portions, at the right times of day can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and build muscle.


You have heard that antioxidants are good for you, but what exactly do they do? Well, when free radicals start to build up in your body because they are not cleared, they can actually damage your cells. This can cause disease, inhibit your muscle growth, and prevent fat los. Consuming antioxidants helps to prevent the build up of free radicals and in turn boosts your metabolism. Add blueberries to cereal, yogurt, or smoothie.


Almonds are the most nutritionally packed nuts, and you can get healthy calories from a small serving size. One serving size of almonds is full of vitamin E (which is also an antioxidant). Almonds have high fiber content, which helps to make you feel full.  Next time you are craving a snack, go for almonds. Having a handful thirty minutes to an hour before a meal can help you fill up.


Salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin B12.  Omega-3s help to make your metabolism more efficient because it slows digestion and prevents cravings.  Additionally, salmon has several heart benefits.


When you are not hydrated, your body has trouble functioning optimally. The benefits of water are incredible – drinking 8 glasses a day can up your energy levels, increase your mental focus, aids in digestion, improves your skin, and can reduce headaches (and these are just a few of the benefits!). Drinking water helps food move through your system, which ultimately can help you loose weight.

Eating foods that help rev up your metabolism, in addition to working out can increase the rate at which you burn fat. Do your best to incorporate blueberries, almonds, and salmon into your diet weekly and drink as much water as you can daily.


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